A Parent’s User’s Guide to Title 1 Program

The Title 1 Program is designed to support academically at-risk students to encourage accelerated progress toward grade level expectations.

Eligibility of each student is determined using the end of the previous years’ assessment results and classroom performance. Title 1 teachers use a student selection score sheet to help determine eligibility. The student selection sheet is available to look at on the website. When a child is deemed in need of Title 1 services, with the permission and support of the family, students will begin receiving program services

Students may either be supported in math, out-of-class in a small group or one-to-one, depending on several factors. Instructional strategies are consistent with classroom practices and planning for that instruction is done based on individual student strengths and weaknesses.

Title 1 teachers are (HQT) highly qualified, experienced teachers. Some have been classroom teachers and have decided to focus their instruction on a single subject. All Title 1 teachers work in collaboration with Reading and Math Specialists, Special Education staff, classroom teachers and the Title 1 Coordinator.

How do the classroom teachers and Title 1 teachers know whether my child has made growth? What kinds of assessments are done?

Throughout the year, students are monitored for progress using several assessments. Depending on the student’s age, grade, and individual needs, the specific assessments will vary. In general they can be the school’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests, the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP), Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), local Common Assessments, program specific assessments such as the Houghton Mifflin Benchmark Assessment and Everyday Math Assessments, as well as monitoring of school and district Essentials-To-Know.

About how long are children in the Title 1 program?

Children who’ve made adequate and accelerated progress will be discharged or “graduate, as we like to call it, from the Title 1 program. Children will only receive services as long as they exhibit the need, however students who have been discharged will continue to be monitored to make sure they continue to make progress.

How can I continue to support my child?

A strong Title 1 Program includes the right kind of parental involvement. That means parents can support their child’s learning goals by showing them when math or reading is used in real-life situations, reading with and to them often and discussing what you read or showing a child how and when you are using math in everyday situations.