Title 1 District Parent Involvement Policy

Title I District Parent Involvement Policy
James Faulkner Elementary School
Stoddard School District

In accordance with federal regulation, the Title I Parent Involvement Policy for James Faulkner Elementary School is designed to further positive communication between school and home.

Parent Involvement in the school’s Title I program include opportunities to participate in activities related to assisting students in developing strong academic skills, and to contribute to their child’s education. This parent involvement policy also includes procedures related to the design and implementation of the respective school based programs under Title I.

Parent participation is also encouraged in activities which support parent awareness, orientation, and training in the use of materials which enhance a parent’s capacity to support his/her progress at home and school. These activities may be in addition to activities provided to the entire parent community based upon the level of Title I funding in any given year. In all instances, however, parents of Title I eligible students will be specifically contacted and encouraged to attend these activities.

In support of Title I involvement….

1. Each parent/guardian is aware of his/her child’s participation in Title I services through written notification and permission. At this time additional information is shared about the Title I program including the Home School Compact and a description of the program. Parents/guardians are encouraged to meet with the Title l teacher to discuss instructional goals and to determine when services will be delivered.

2. In the event that Title I services begin at the start of the year, each child’s parent or guardian will be invited to the Open House to meet with the Title I teacher to learn about the program and their child’ participation.

3. Parents/guardians will be notified that they can request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher, Title I teacher and any Title I paraeducators.

4. Progress reports are sent home on a trimester basis, the same as classroom progress reports. Parents, however, may request conferences at anytime. In addition, written notes and phone calls will also be used to update parents of student progress.

5. The Title I teacher will keep records of testing, progress reports, samples of student work and instructional plans for each student served.

6. Parents and guardians are invited to review student progress with the Title I teacher or classroom teacher anytime during the school year or if a question about student progress arises.

7. Parents and guardians are given the opportunity to evaluate their child’s participation in Title I and the effectiveness of the Parent Involvement Policy. This is accomplished through the use of a survey given at the end of the year.

8. Parents/guardians will be provided information and materials throughout the year that may benefit their child’s progress at home.

9. Parents/guardians are given an opportunity each year to share in the development of the Title I plan for the next year through the use of a survey or as part of communication contact done with the Title I teacher.

10. Parents/guardians are encouraged and supported by the LEA to take part in all parent involvement activities. Based on parental feedback the school can be flexible in providing education and training to parents through professional development activities.

11. Title I involvement opportunities are announced in school newsletters, teacher announcements and other forms of school communication.

12. It is strongly encouraged that each parent meet with the Title I teacher individually within the first month of the program to review assessment results, a description of the curriculum used and any other relevant materials.